Things to Consider When Planning Your Bathroom Remodeling

A sleek, updated bathroom adds significant value to your home. It also can help make a prospective buyer feel at home and at ease in your house.Bathroom Remodeling

Many older bathrooms contain unhealthful levels of lead or asbestos. These require special procedures to be handled properly. They also can add to the cost of the remodel. Visit for more details.

The bathroom is one of the most popular rooms to remodel and can be the most expensive. A well-designed and luxurious bathroom can add value to your home, but there are many things to consider when planning your budget.

The cost of materials makes up the majority of a remodel’s total costs, and there is tremendous variation in prices between basic home improvement stores, specialty shops and online markets. Researching and price shopping before the start of the project can help you avoid overspending and ensure that you’re getting the best quality for your money.

The size of the space, your choice of finishes and whether you’re going to do some of the labor yourself can all impact how much a remodel will cost. Savvy homeowners can save some of the expense by purchasing and installing their own materials, such as SPC flooring instead of tile or a prefabricated shower wall, Soto says. However, some tasks, such as plumbing, should be left to professionals to prevent leaks and costly repairs. Another way to save money is by keeping the existing footprint and only reworking the layout.


It is a good idea to plan out the design of your bathroom. This will make it easier for the contractor to get a grasp of what you want and help prevent miscommunication. It will also save time, money and frustration in the long run.

Poor planning is the number one cause of cost overruns for home remodel projects, including bathroom renovations. The best way to avoid these costly mistakes is to spend several weeks to a few months on the planning process. This includes selecting and testing tile styles, creating a digital ideas file, and searching for inspiration photos on the internet.

A good bathroom should be both functional and attractive. Consider the size and placement of fixtures, such as a vanity cabinet, sink, shower, tub, toilet and recessed lighting, and how they will work together. You should also plan for extra storage space.

Consider incorporating Universal Design principles into your bathroom, especially if you will be living in the home for a long time. It will ensure that your future needs are met, regardless of your health or physical ability. For example, adding blocking in walls to accommodate future grab bars can save you the expense of moving later.


Bathroom remodeling involves working with plumbing and the electrical system. This can be a tricky step for homeowners, but professional remodelers know how to work with the space and install everything quickly. It is also important for homeowners to be knowledgeable about their goals for the remodel. This will allow them to communicate with contractors effectively and make sure the finished product is what they want.

Another important piece of information to consider is that older homes may have pipes that degrade over time. This can lead to leaks and reduce water quality. Remodeling the bathroom is a good time to replace these pipes.

It is also important to be aware that a remodel of a bathroom often requires building permits. This can add a significant amount of time to the overall project. It is best to have your contractor acquire these permits as early on in the process as possible.


There is a lot of electrical work involved in a bathroom remodel. Whether you’re adding light fixtures, moving existing ones, or installing new ones, the process is complicated and must be done properly to avoid safety issues.

The first step is determining what you need. For example, if you’re going to add a hair dryer or speaker, map out where you would like them so that your electrician can plan the wiring accordingly. It’s also important to decide if you want a ceiling fan and what type of lighting you want.

Lastly, make sure that all outlets are grounded. This is important to prevent fire hazards and protect against electrocution. If you are not a licensed contractor, don’t attempt to do the electrical work yourself. Unless you’re licensed and have a permit, most home insurance companies won’t cover any damage caused by unlicensed work.

With the right team and proper planning, a bathroom remodel can be a great way to improve your home’s functionality and increase its value. The average ROI for a Pennsylvania bathroom remodeling project is 59%, meaning homeowners recover most of their costs through an increase in home value. But, if you’re not careful, the project can quickly become overwhelming.


Bathrooms are some of the most frequently used rooms in the home and they are often at the forefront of any home remodel project. They are important spaces that need special consideration when choosing the proper flooring materials.

Vinyl is one of the most popular choices for budget-conscious consumers. It is inexpensive, durable and comes in a variety of colors and prints that can match any style. However, it has many drawbacks. It can be prone to moisture damage and can swell up when it gets wet. It also off-gasses volatile organic chemicals into the air for a period of time after installation.

Another option is concrete floors which are becoming more popular in modern living. It is a great choice for those looking for an industrial style in their bathrooms. It can be painted, varnished or stamped for a more stylish look. While it may not be the most waterproof selection, it is a good choice for those who want to add a unique touch to their bathroom.


Cabinets are one of the most important elements of a bathroom remodel because they allow you to keep everyday items out of sight. This keeps your space tidier and more functional. Cabinets can also add personality and style to your bathroom design. For example, if you want a rustic or country feel to your bathroom, reclaimed wood cabinets are a great option. If you prefer a more traditional look, dark stained cabinets can create the perfect anchor to your marble countertops and tiles.

If you’re looking to save money on your bathroom remodel, ready-to-assemble or stock cabinets are a great choice. While they’re not as durable as custom cabinets, they can provide a stylish and affordable solution for your bathroom upgrade.

If you have a little more money to invest in your bathroom remodeling project, custom cabinets offer a wide selection of styles and materials. Custom cabinets can add a timeless look to your bathroom design that can increase the value of your home.


The lighting in a bathroom can make or break its aesthetics. While the tile and tub may be the more visible elements, the proper lighting can make a dramatic impact on the overall look.

Layered lighting is a simple way to bring beauty and style to a bath remodel. This system utilizes unique light fixtures in different styles that can elevate the mood of a bathroom. Whether you’re looking for a more modern or traditional look, you can achieve it with the right lighting.

First, you’ll want to create ambient light with recessed fixtures or other ceiling-mounted lights. This gentle light is needed for tasks such as showers, bathtubs, and toilets. Alternatively, you can use cove lighting to direct light upward and diffuse it throughout the room.

Next, you’ll want to add a task light to the vanity area. The best way to accomplish this is to install two light fixtures that flank the mirror on each side for cross illumination and reduced shadowing. Finally, you can use accent lighting to highlight decorative items, such as plants or artwork. These lights should be bright but not so bright that they cause glare. These small fixtures are perfect for highlighting decor tucked away in alcoves and around bathroom shelves.